Lucy Trahern, sometime governess to the three Bostram children, has suddenly lost her position. As the story opens, she is wandering London without baggage or money in the rain, looking for a night’s shelter.  Beyond hope, she finds two old ladies who offer her protection, a job, and a mystery that is about to set her life on its ear. This story was chosen as one of the Best Books of the Year by the American Bookseller’s Association in 1987, when it was first released. Available for the first time in Paperback, and also in ebook format.

Booklist wrote, “This charming story, full of quirky people and tangled incidents, is a tongue-in-cheek comment on society’s posturings and an account of the adventures of a most unusual heroine. A diverting first novel, sure to captivate genre fans.”an account of the adventures of a most unusual heroine. "A diverting first novel, sure to captivate genre fans." --Booklist

Do It Yourself Sanity with a Four Star Rating

This book is bursting with practical things you can do at home for major mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder or Depression.

Find out:

-how to learn what your triggers are - and avoid them

-how to survive suicidal thoughts

-how to use your environment to bolster your sanity

-how to get the most from bureaucracies and agencies

-what to do if psychosis hits you in public

-rules of the road for couples when one has a disorder

-how to build a new identity you can be proud of

An ideal resource for families, caregivers and professionals who want to understand the challenges their loved ones face.

Lady Kate Helleston must find a husband for herself or her childhood home will be sold. She must also find a respectable suitor for her ward, Miss Beecham, who dislikes respectable men. A frothy, fun romp through Regency England with not one but two romances twining around and interfering with each other. There are also serious issues hinted at in the subtext, as in Fruchey’s first novel; this time, the heroine has in the past been a victim of spousal rape, a happening that was then as in our own time a problem, but not to be defined or mentioned for another several hundred years.

Deborah's previous Regency, The Unwilling Heiress, was chosen as a Best Book of the Year by the American Booksellers Association.

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Island Journey

A Guided Healing Mediation
Music By Robert Hamaker
Narrated by Deborah Fruchey

This is a guided meditation that I visualized during a spiritual retreat.  It is shared here using music to put you in a relaxed state and create the meditative experience I had. I use a variety of percussion instruments, to awaken your imagination and energy centers.  You will be guided down your chakras then taken by boat across the mysterious seas of the subconscious to the island. Here you will choose a crystal from the beach and journey further inland and come to a healing fountain. Then you will choose an area in your life to heal and watch as the old energy is washed away and  transformed.  All music for this project was conceived and performed  by Robert Hamaker except for the Prelude and Adagio which are composed by Edith Hamaker. Narration by Deborah Fruchey.


For those who prefer to use this soundscape as a background for their own guided mediation, or just prefer the music by itself. This is Island Journey with no narration added. For a long time Robert has been aware of the nature in some instruments in the percussion family to put you easily in a trance or meditative state, then take you to many wonderful places in your mind’s eye. Having amassed an amazing collection of wonderful and incredible instruments over his career, he decided he wanted to put this project together to share their powerful sounds and vibrations.

composed & performed by Robert Hamaker

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This lively Jazz arrangement of the Horace Silver composition is featured as the opening music for the Sixth Sense Radio Show. Opus de Funk was arranged and recorded by the group  Interplay which is a group based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  It features Ben Barron & Bob Brumbeloe on Jazz Guitars, Randy Hunt on Bass, & Robert Hamaker on Drums.

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The Colors of Sound CD

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Color Cards & Self Healing

By Jean Luo

Did you know that each color relates to a part of your body and a set of personality characteristics? That too much or too little of a color can be connected with particular health problems? Most people don't realize that we can work with these colors in many easy ways to improve ourselves and make our lives better. Here for the first time is a thorough guide to integrating color into your personal work of self healing and spiritual evolution. 

Mobi is for Kindle, PDF for computer. Epub is the best choice for most other devices


Print: $21.99

deborah fruchey’s first formal collection of poetry. this volume contains 30 continuous years of writing from the San Francisco Bay area art scene. variously entertaining and piercing, it covers a myriad of subjects, from work to romance, from mental illness to child abuse, from spirituality to the perils and pitfalls of fanaticism.  fruchey’s goal is always to look at the human condition with honesty and humor if possible.  the print book was issued by Cyborg Productions and is available on Amazon only. the ebook  is available for those who prefer not to overload their straining bookshelves any further!                 

With this CD Rob Hamaker has created musical tones using percussion instruments and music he composed that correlates to 19 different colors and the parts of the body that they can be related to, the energy centers known as Chakras. These are used and described in detail in a new project “Color Cards and Self Healing” by Jean Luo, with whom Robert has been working closely. He is happy to make these tunes available to use with  Luo’s project . Decks of the 19 mini Color Cards & case , for choosing your intuitive color for the day, available upon request.

as an ebook

Priestess of Secrets is a collection of unique voices: the abused woman who wants to abandon her son... the wife who waits for her husband to wind down like a clock...the man with a desk full of unfinished novels who cannot look in the mirror...the house that is throwing a party to which the owner is not invited...the parents who call their daughter slipshod and watch her walk away...these and 12 other voices await you in Deborah's collection of her very favorite flash fiction. A mix of story and memoir and essay, the contents of Priestess of Secrets will take you on a journey that is fresh and fascinating.

Vampyre Mike, aka Michael Alan Kassel, was one of the stars of the poetic explosion called "The Babarian Movement" in San Francisco in the 1980s and 90s. They were named after their meeting place, the Cafe Babar in the Mission District. Here at last is a treasure trove of Vampyre Mike's unpublished works - cartoons, plays, poems, songs, flyers and posters of the era, and even an unfinished novel. This is what Vampyre Mike fans have been waiting for!

The poems in this collection have verve, have a kick, and will leave your senses wanting more. Fruchey has a masterful way of drawing the reader into the rhythms of each poem, and also into a larger conversation about our inner and outer world. The work in this book discovers the beauties of an old self portrait, a roadside motel, abandoned pastures, odes to nighttime, a recipe for marital peace and the substrata in between.
by Deborah Fruchey

The poems in this collection sing like “one voice split into so many bodies,” praising the full arc of human experience, from the abandoned child who wonders “Why was I with orphans when they were not dead?” to the wanderer who learns “The stones talk. / They tell me / that after all I belong.” Maria Rosales takes you on a journey from innocence to wisdom, from rebellion to acceptance, from holding on tightly to graciously letting go, all the while inviting you to turn “honeycomb /eyes to witness / your myriad selves.” 

by Maria Elizabeth Rosales